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About Us

The name Bonzers by definition describes our cookies and products. In Australia, Bonzers means "awesome, great, super!"

Our Bonzers Brand was developed by Chef Michael, our Austrian Pastry Chef. Chef Michael developed a love of baking while helping his mother make desserts during childhood. He then studied the art and science of making fine pastries and became a Master Pastry Chef in Vienna, Austria.

Chef Michael used his gourmet experience and his passion to create recipes for world-class hotels and resorts. After 45 years in the business, Chef Michael continues to be the innovator of Premium All-Natural Products.

Bonzers is our "fun" brand which offers the highest quality all-natural ingredients in the best-tasting product. Bonzers appeals to parents and children alike and is available at K-12 schools around the country. Kids like cookies and parents want healthier alternatives for their children. Chef Michael works with nutritionists to develop all-natural products that not only taste good but meet the strict dietary requirements of schools.

Bonzers products include: Reduced Fat Cookies, Whole Grain Cookies, All-Natural Breakfast Bonzer, and the All-Natural Bonzer Bar.

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