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Products Life is too short to serve anything but the best. Offer your customers the gourmet products they'll come back for again and again. Bonzers® offers a wide variety of options for all of your cookie and breakfast program needs. Every product is made with premium quality ingredients, is zero grams trans fat and certified kosher. We test bake each batch in our HACCP approved plant to ensure you receive only the finest product.

Why? Because we offer only gourmet, high quality products for every application - from upscale venues to school and healthcare facilities. Our options are cost effective yet don't skimp on quality or taste.

All of our products are created by Chef Michael. Chef Michael puts more than 45 years of culinary experience as an Austrian pastry chef and love of his craft into every product he makes. He creates, tests and approves every recipe - focusing on combining quality, healthier options and superior taste. When stricter nutritional requirements must be met, Chef Michael collaborates with a nutritionist to make sure things like calories, fat and sugar guidelines are achieved.

Bonzers Classic Bonzers Classic Reduced Fat Bonzers Classic Reduced Fat 100% Whole Grain
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Bonzers Gourmet Bonzers Gourmet Bonzers Gourmet
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